Frequently asked questions

What are the Safari areas in tadoba National park
Safari areas in Tadoba National park are divided into core and buffer. The core zone of tadoba National park is divided into 3 Safari areas, tadoba Safari area, Moharli Safari area and kolsa Safari area. To access these zones there are 6 entry gates. Moharli, kuutwanda, pangdi, zari, navegaon, kolara.
And there are around 11 buffer areas for Safari. The details of Safari zones, accessibility can be seen in safari page of our website.
Is the tiger sighting good in tadoba National park and buffer areas
As such there is no physical boundary between core zones and buffer areas of tadoba. The sighting remains good in almost all the the zones including buffer areas. The sighting may change from month to month and area to area. We recommend you to get in touch with specialist from the Indian voyage team for current sitting details.
What is the best time to visit tadoba National park?
Tadoba National park remains open from October till June every year. The remaining three months only certain parts of the park remains open. If we consider tiger sighting as our main motive of the trip, then summers is the best time to spot tigers and also sloth bears. But months from October to March are relatively pleasent. These months are considered to be best from temperature point of view and the beauty of the forest it has to offer.
What animals can we expect to spot in tadoba National park
Tadoba National park has a great population of tigers, so during your safaris you may expect to spot the striped beauty. Apart from tigers you may spot leopards, wild dogs, sloth bear, bisons, deers, crocodiles and lot of bird species. Due to the high visibility in bamboo forest, spotting of animals is good.
Are the Safari zones of tadoba National park interconnected?
Tadoba Safari zone and Moharli Safari zone of tadoba National park are interconnected and vehicles entering from Moharli, khudawanda, navegaon and kolara gates can visit it both Moharli and tadoba Safari zones. Wherein kolsa Safari zone is not interconnected from the other two zones. Entry gate for kolsa Safari zone are pangdi and zari.
Which is the nearest town to visit tadoba National park and how is it accessible by air?
Nagpur is the nearest town for visiting tadoba National park. Navegon and kolara gates are very close to Nagpur, within 40 minutes drive. Moharli and kutwanda gate are approximately 90 to 100 kms from Nagpur and takes round 2 hours to reach from Nagpur. Nagpur is well connected by air and rail from all major cities in India.
What is the procedure to book Jeep Safari in tadoba National park?
The safaris can be booked online from the web portal of Safari booking of tadoba National park. Safaris can also be booked using services of trusted Safari operators like the Indian voyage. Their services come handy for booking best Safari zones and releasing of vehicle for safaris.
Is there a sharing Safari In tadoba National park?
ln tadoba National park there is is no provision to book safaris on sharing basis. You have to book exclusive Jeep for safaris. The permit cost of safaris remains same irrespective of number of people travelling in one Jeep. A maximum of 6 adults are allowed in one Safari Jeep
What is the cost of Safari in tadoba National park?
The pricing for Safari is is very tricky in tadoba National park. The booking starts 120 days prior to the date of Safari. It remains expensive from 120 to 60 days prior to the date of Safari. The permit gets most reasonable between 60 and 3 days prior to the date of Safari. Less than 3 days the permit again gets expensive.