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    Camp Serai Tiger


    Irai Safari Retreat


    The Royal Tiger Resort


    Tadoba Tiger King Resort


    Mahua Tola


    The Bamboo Forest Safari Lodge

    Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is largest tiger reserve in Indian state Maharashtra in India. Its forest is spreading in area of 625.4 square kilometers which includes 116.55 square kilometers of Tadoba Natioanl Park and 508.85 square kilometers of Andhari Wildlife Santaury. In 1993-1994 it came under umbrella of Project Tiger. Tadoba is also called The Jewel of Vidharba’ . In Vidharba region Tadoba is most famous destination among travelers and its natural beauty truly manifest its accreditation of The Jewel of Vidharba. When it comes to chances of tiger spotting this national park tops all the national park of India. Perhaps this is one reason this national park shot to fame in very short duration.
    At Tadoba its perennial water bodies across its length and breadth acts as life line for its diverse bio diversity. One of biggest lake Irai Lake divides buffer zone to core zone. Boating is allowed in winters and summers.
    Other two big lakes of Tadoba are : Tadoba lake and Teliya lake. Both lakes are home to marsh crocodile (mugger) and variety of aquatic birds. Tadoba lake never dry up even in peak summers when mercury is above 45 degree. Tadoba lake is much beautiful and in summer near this lake canopy of trees offer cool and moist place to relax variety of wildlife.
    In 2018 Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve de silted 18 water bodies and good rainfall in monsoon filled all these water bodies to brim. This ensures availability of water in forest throughout the year.

    Flora at Tadoba National Park

    Tadoba has tropical deciduous forest. Teak and Bamboo thicket are two predominant species of trees found in Tadoba Tiger Reserve. Other deciduous species are Dhauda, ,Ain (crocodile bark), Bija, Salai, Semal , Haldu, Tendu, beheda, hirda, karaya gum, mahua Madhuca (Crepe myrtle) and Lannea coramandelica (Wodier Tree).
    These trees have their own characteristics like Axlewood Anogeissus latifolia is a fire-resistant. Its leaves has medicinal value and used for wound healing.
    Dry season deciduous tree Palash also known as flame of forest adds vibrant red color to the forest when most of trees in forest has shed their leaves. In many states Palash has its special place. It is state flower of Jharkand and was used many times by Rabindra Nath Tagore in his poems.
    At Panchadhara, huge Arjun trees can be seen. In Ayurveda it is said if juice of Arjun trees bark is consumed regularly it can cure diabetes and can thin blood also.

    Wildlife at Tadoba National Park

    Vast forest tracts of Tadoba Tiger Reserve have more than 65 species of mammals living in their natural habitat. Bengal Tiger, Leapord , Sloth Bear are top big predators and their sightings are most sought after among tourist coming to Tadoba. Combined area of Core and buffer forest at Tadoba is around 1700 square kilometers and there are more than 88 tigers in that area.
    Other mammals are Gaur, Nilgai, Dhole, Striped Hyena, Small Indian Civet, jungle cats, Sambar, Spotted Deer, Barking Deer, Chital and Chausingha.
    For centuries Marsh crocodile are sustaining in Tadoba Lake.Reptiles here include the endangered Indian python and the common Indian monitor lizard. Terrapins, Indian star tortoise, Indian Cobra and Russel’s viper also live in Tadoba.
    More than 190 species of birds have been recorded at Tadoba, For bird watchers Tadoba lake is a perfect place to find water birds and raptors. Its perimeter has good density of trees which offers perfect natural habitat to flourish many bird species.
    Some of commonly found bird species are Orange-headed Thrush, Indian Pitta, Crested Treeswift, Stone Curlew, Crested Honey Buzzard, Paradise Flycatcher, Bronze-winged Jacana and Lesser Goldenbacked Woodpecker.
    There are 74 species of butterflies have been recorded at Tadoba, some of species of butterfly are pansies, monarch, Mormons and swordtails. Insect species include the endangered danaid egg-fly and great eggfly. Dragonflies, stick insects, jewel beetles and the praying mantis are other insects located in the reserve.

    Safari in Tadoba National Park

    Like other National Park walking is not allowed inside Tadoba Natioanl Park . Best way to explore Tadoba Natioanal Park is by jeep safari. Jeep picks up from resort and after four hours safari will drop you at resort. If you are lucky may come across to variety of wildlife in only one jeep safari but to increase probability and to experience beauty of this beautiful forest it is always recommended to go for at least 2-4 times jeeps safari.
    There are three major safari zone in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve: Mohurli, Tadoba and Kolsa. At Tadoba apart from these three zones buffer zones are equally famous.
    It is recommended to book all permit, resort and transfers in advance.

    Weather and Temperature

    (a) Between 1st October to 1st December:

    Maximum Temperature:30ºc
    Minimum Temperature:10ºc
    Clothing: Morning and Evening are cold while afternoon are less cold. It is recommended to carry fleece jackets, Muffler, In morning if it is cloudy weather with windy condition you may need warm clothes.

    (b) Between 1st December to 28th February:

    Maximum Temperature:30ºc
    Minimum Temperature:10ºc
    Clothing: Morning and Evening are cold while afternoon are less cold. It is recommended to carry fleece jackets, Muffler, In morning if it is cloudy weather with windy condition you may need warm clothes.

    (c) Between 1st March to 15th April:

    Maximum Temperature:40ºc
    Maximum Temperature:40ºc
    Clothing: t shirts, Hat,

    (d) Between 15th April to 30th June:

    Maximum Temperature:47ºc
    Minimum Temperature:25ºc
    Clothing: Carry Hat

    Best Time to Visit Tadoba National Park

    Year around Tadoba offers good tiger spotting still considering its tropical climate October to March is considered best to visit Tadoba National Park. In this period mostly part of Tadoba National Park remain green.
    As April starts mostly trees start shedding leaves. In summers (april onward ) when mercury rises sharply tiger can be seen near water bodies so tiger spotting increases in summers.In summer Tiger and its prey tend to come near water holes.

    How to Reach

    (A) By Air

    Nearest Airport: Nagpur
    Nagpur is well connected with major cities of India especially Mumbai, Delhi , Chennai, Kolkata, Ahemdabad. Once you reach at Nagpur your cab can transfer you from Airport to Resort. It is always advised to book transfers in advance.

    (B) By Train

    Nearest Railway Station is Chandrapur as second option one can also look forward Nagpur.
    Below is distance chart of various gates from Chandrapur and Nagpur.
    Name of GateDistance
    Kolara Gate Nagpur115 km. Via Umred, Kanpa and Chimur
    Navegaon GateNagpur 130 km. Via Umred, Kanpa, Chimur and Khadsingi
    Pangadi GateNagpur 160 km. Via Umred, Kanpa, Sindewahi and Kukadheti
    Moharli GateChandrapur 25 km. Via Padmapur
    Nagpur 185 km. Via Jamb, Warora and Chandrapur
    Khutwanda GateChandrapur 40 km. Via Moharli, Sitarampeth and Mudholi
    Zari GateChandrapur 38 km. Via Chadrapur, Chichpalli,Ajaypur and Nandgur

    (C) By Road

    Tadoba National Park is very well connected by mostly cities of India but as it is far from metro cities so best way to come to this place is by train or flight.